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Orofacial Myology Treatments  in Leduc

We also offer specialty care in orofacial myology as an early interceptive treatment. This is used when there are concerns regarding improper tongue rest placement, tongue ties, mouth breathing, excessive pacifier use or a variety of other factors which can affect how the face, jaws, and teeth develop and how these can affect the long term results of orthodontic treatment.


In orofacial myology, therapy is provided to retrain the tongue out of habits that are causing a concern, as in the case of thumb-sucking. Traditionally, an appliance such as a crib has been installed along the hard palate of the mouth to deter such a habit, though this method is often unsuccessful. Our therapists, offer a habit elimination program to get rid of any habits including digit sucking, tongue sucking, or fingernail biting.


After an initial analysis, our trained therapists can offer therapy to teach normal oral functions of the tongue and the other associated facial muscles.

Correcting concerns regarding tongue ties, mouth breathing or excessive pacifier use.

Therapy is provided to retrain the tongue out of habits that are causing a dental concern.

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